Guy puts a 360-degree camera in a pothole as runners pass over

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Isn’t that 180-degree? With a 360, you would see people running away, too, right?

Am I missing something here?


Good thing the streets are generally well kept in Japan.


Ya gotta use your mouse to tilt around. You can get them running away.


Pfft… I didn’t come here to work!

[Thanks, I actually watched it twice and didn’t think to interact with it :roll_eyes:]


Yes. Pan around with the mouse. But it’s still 180 degrees, as you cannot look down.

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So, someone hid a camera in a hole in the ground, filmed upwards while people walked or ran over it, without consent I suspect, and posted the video on the internet. And that’s OK? Cory?


Wasn’t very thrilling. The person’s YT channel claims “This is SO COOL…” I guess if your 18 or so.

It absolutely is 360 degrees in the horizontal plane - you can spin all the way around - and about 90 degrees in the vertical (you can look straight up. and maybe a little further; in the few seconds when it’s in his hand, I can’t tell whether I’m able to see below the horizon or not.)

This is pretty neat, although I’m ashamed to admit that the first thing I thought was “Why was that cop just standing there? A guy just ran into the path of an oncoming marathon and planted a device in the road. That could have been a bomb or something!”

Stupid 21st century. Go 360degree cammers!

It is effectively 180, maybe 200 degree upward facing fisheye with a user-controlled perspective extraction.

Just because you can pan all the way around the perimeter of an image doesn’t make it a full 360 image.

It’s also flopped for some reason.

Like a Brendan Fraser movie?

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That is a deep track.

he has it face down or it’s the software

From the OP: Lawyer Viva Frei saw a pothole on a street closed off for a charity run, so he got permission to put his new 360-degree camera in and got a pretty neat shot.


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Yes, it is. This is a public place. There is no expectation of privacy in the middle of a street.

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I was thinking it was more like 6.2 or so steradians. I could be off by a bit …

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I don’t think the lack of expectation of privacy on a public street extends to a surreptitious camera pointed up your loose running shorts.

Although to actually capture an image of such fast moving, well-shaded nether regions, you’d need a very good camera.

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From the OP
…“stunning POV…”
“… it’s awesome nonetheless. Enjoy! Peace out…”
“…this was too cool not to share…”

Sounds like a teenager IMO. I have no questions. Get off my lawn.