Guy puts a 360-degree camera in a pothole as runners pass over

I’m confused. Surely the fact that you can pan all the way around the perimeter does make it 360 degrees. Degrees is a measure of a circle, not a sphere.

For immersive formats, like this or VR, it’s more useful to think of the image as a sphere, IMO. We’re not looking around at the edge of a circle, after all. It would be more useful to refer to a solid angle–which is the spherical area measured from an axis–but I was just trying to make a brief point and didn’t expect controversy. So–Angle of View or Solid Angle or Steridian would all be meaningful ways to measure the inside of the half-sphere we’re seeing. If you think of it as laying on the ground and looking up–can you still turn all the way around and see stuff?

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