360-degree video of massive tornado


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Wow. Death wish.


Most extreme pursuits with a chance of getting seriously hurt or dead do not appeal to me. But I have to say getting close to one of these like this is worth it in my mental math.


Other than anecdotal information and shouty videos, do these “tornado hunters” return any useful scientific data? And when do we get to see Helen Hunt working with TOTO again?


I went through 4 category 5 hurricanes while a Sailor in the Merchant Marine, Tornadoes scare the shit out’a me.


Could someone recut this video so that the tornado is in the middle of the freaking frame? What’s the point of 360° camera angle if you don’t use it to good effect?

Saying that, this was actually scarier than I expected. Maybe it was the bad sound, or the fact these fools were driving towards something that was as big as a city block and moving itself (and anything that got too close to it).


Dramatic but please kiddies, don’t emulate these rockheads. EMS have enough injuries to treat with misfortunate folks without having to also deal with miscalculating videographers. Viral video’s not worth your life. :ambulance:

Tornadoes can jink or reverse in a moment. They also occasionally spawn multiple funnels that might approach from other directions whilst your attention is focused on the ‘big’ one.


Yeah, that second video was kind of freaky. I thought that the tornado was gonna turn toward them any minute.


Foolish or not, that has to be one of the best encounters with a tornado ever captured on video. It’s incredible, surreal - as if the tornado is just this fuzzy, benign alien visitor tentatively touching down from space.


So… you go to all the trouble of mounting a 360° camera to the roof of your vehicle, and you don’t bother to level it?


You can position the tornado wherever you want. That’s sort of the point of a 360° camera.


Whole lotta nothing.


Wray colorado eh? that’s along the California Zephyr line. traveled through there many a times to denver.


Did your rotate the view? It starts with the view towards the back of the vehicle. The tornado is in the other direction.


Oh. Neat.


The video has all the detail of 480p, with color fringing.


Those things look dangerous. Shouldn’t there be a warning sign? Surely someone ought to be suing someone.


Thank you for not calling “360-degree video” virtual reality. 360-degree video is not virtual reality people. It’s 360 degree video!


What browser is that? Works in Mozilla & Chrome.


It took me a second playthrough to figure out I could move the view around. I kept scrubbing through the video looking from something exciting happening and just got shots of the back-end of an SUV. Once I figured out I could drag the view around, well, it got a lot scarier. Technology is neat!