Watch: Water spout surprises couple when it turns into a tornado


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With atmospheric phenomena, it’s not a question of “whether,” but “weather.”


That was truly horrible; so difficult to watch. To think that just a mere 90° would have made a huge difference!


It’s headed right for our boat!
It’s coming right at us!


And people wonder why statistically men live shorter lives…


The candle that burns twice a dumbly burns half as long :wink:

I guess that, with pretty much everyone in the West carrying a video camera in their phone, we’ll got more and more amazing things captured like this.


I don’t know how the world will end, but I do know how it will be filmed: vertically.


Oh. the humanity!


I saw a guy eating a slice of pizza inside the spout.


I suspect that someone was hurt, but that bit probably wasn’t filmed. If my man stood on a balcony and filmed a tornado while I yelled at him to take shelter, I’d drag him down the stairs by his hair.


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Sheesh! Arguing if it’s a water spout or tornado is like arguing if it’s a hurricane or a cyclone.


I gotta admit that I’d have stayed on the balcony too. That was awesome!


I just don’t understand this modern day compulsion to film one’s own death. :tornado:


With a fork and knife !!


I’m sure that Death is getting tired of all the selfie last requests.


I was very near a waterspout that came ashore at an amusement park— nowhere to hide. It was strong enough to fling a dumpster through a wall. The amazing thing was when it got about 100 feet onto land it just dumped all of its water at once like a bucket the size of a small hotel. Then it was gone.


Are you sure it wasn’t Kaiser Soze?


Agreed, I don’t know the layout of their residence but it seemed like he had plenty of time to reach cover if it turned, even accounting for the width of the flying debris field.