Weatherman farts with no shame on live TV


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He weathered his report.


You know what…good on him for having the stones. Its a natural bodily function.

You do you buddy.


“A fairly quiet weekend”

Well played, sir.


Oh, just wait until smell-i-vision arrives, then you’ll be singing a different tune, boy-yo!



depends. Perhaps his smells of roses!!!



He’s running.


Strong winds from a high-pressure zone.


Break like the wind, pal.




You don’t need to be a weatherman to know
which way the wind blows



I bet he didn’t think he lapel mic would pick that up.


I love the little smile on his face just afterwards.


So what is going on here? The people who videoed this hate horizontally formatted video so much they record everything they watch with their phone, just so they view it in vertical format?

Serious question: Why in fuckety fuck were these people recording the weather forecast second hand on their phone?


That one reminded me of the sound that I hear right before my wife tells me that she never farts.


From what I have gathered from studying teenagers in the wild, a large percentage of them views the world only through their phone. Maybe they don’t need glasses that way? In extreme cases I have seen them holding one phone to record the world and another to text/whatsapp/whatever is the IM client du jour.


Just a guess:

They have TIVO.

They were watching the weather.

Dude farts.

They rewind their TIVO.

They decide the world must share their joy, but don’t have the knowledge/skills/gear to xfer TIVO data to youtube.

They make do with using their phones to record their TV as they play it back because they DO know how to get phonme video online.

Again, just a guess. But it is also my guess that they are almost infinitely more fun to hang out with than you and your sanctimonious, judgmental ass. (Yes, I see the irony in my last statement, but I stand by it.)