Watch: Kid crashes live weather forecast, predicts farts and toots


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Not enough likes in the world!


Oops! Lawyer’s kid! Better not punch him!


It’s a lot less funny if you’re one of the dozens of Yazoo City residents who lost their home to a fartnado.


Too bad I don’t give a toot!


Chicago. They serve a lot of brats and beer there. It’s called the Windy City. Coincidence? No.


That kid’s forecast was SPOT ON. I witnessed the farts and the toots.


Heh heh heh . . . he said “DEW-point!”


Gosh, I like that kid.


full of the AWESOME AND WIN I expect from Boing Boing! thank you for a beautiful message!


Sorry, my bad. And I’ll cut down on the kraut for the sake of the nation.


You laugh but such serious weather should not be messed with.


I spotted a typo in your headline. Instead of “Kid crashes live weather forecast…” it should read “Kid CRUSHES live weather forecast…”

You’re welcome.


It’s good to see that the meteorologist could weather the kid’s ‘reports’.


That kid is already more qualified to be president than the present office-holder. I see a brighter future ahead for America.


OK guys, admit it: You’d do that now, at whatever age you are, if you could get away with it. Hell yeah.


I have kids. My son would do that.


I, for one, welcome our fart and toot overlords.


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