Weatherman angry that no-one appreciates being told about forthcoming Michigan weather

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Thank God that wasn’t cringey at all.


Seems justified. Of all the messengers, weathermen seem to be the ones who get shot the most.


I like this guy. But what he really needs to get across is that things are gonna be weird from here on out and welcome to climate chaos!


He reminds me of Andy Bernard from “The Office.”


That was kinda of refreshing. Maybe all we really wanted was the weatherman to be miserable too.


I am this guy. Every. Single. Day.

We’re all Sisyphus, it’s just that some of us don’t know it yet.

As I like to say, over and over like some kind of brain-dead mantra, “work is the best part of my job.”


If the Grand Rapids weather guy whinges this much, I’m imagining the Marquette weather guy is on a bloody hair trigger. Then again, it’s a Fox affiliate. I’m sure it’s just as negative and overall shite as the Detroit Fox affiliate is. We don’t watch Fox. Both ABC and NBC have weather people much more capable of plastering on a reasonable fake smile, even if they have to tell us it’s going to snow again next week.

Middle of April in lower peninsula Michigan, everyone. Middle of April.


Speaking of relative measures, you think regular conservatives are nutty, try nutty conservatives that work for Amway.

Depicted in that video is the hotel I stayed at for 5 months when I worked a consulting gig at their corporate HQ in Ada. Great fishing spot!


Yeah, most everyone that lives in Michigan is well aware of the type of ultra right-wingnut that gravitates to Grand Rapids. Nice downtown, fair number of breweries, but I really, really wouldn’t want to live there.


That would be political! Instead, he should pretend he doesn’t know. That’s what this country needs - more meteorologists who just have no clue about the future.

That is not political. Just reality. And we need to make politics out of reality and not vice versa.

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I agree. I was kidding.

At least up until a few years ago a surprising fraction of meteorologists didn’t believe climate change was real. Anyone know if that is still the case?


Afraid so, although it’s discussing broadcast meteorologists who make up a small portion of meteorologists in general:

Key quote:

A national survey [in 2016] by researchers at George Mason University in Virginia found that just 46 percent of broadcast meteorologists said they believed that climate change over the past 50 years has been “primarily or entirely” the result of human activity. By contrast, surveys of climate scientists have found that 97 percent attribute warming to human activity.

Since it’s George Mason University and the study was conducted by a department focused more on PR than science, of course they put their own Koch-inspired spin on the results:

“Weather forecasters are people, too, and their political ideology plays a role in their views,” said Ed Maibach, who directs the Center for Climate Change Communication at George Mason and oversaw the study. “So conservative forecasters tend to be more skeptical than liberal forecasters.”

Yeah, that’s conservative “skepticism” alright: choosing a conspiracy theory over empirical data.


Right now, I am prepared to burn someone from the Met Office in a giant wicker man if it would make the fucking sun appear.


Burning him won’t bring back your goddamn sun!

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But it will make an orange flame ball for a short period of time. Might be close enough for @GilbertWham’s taste.

[edit] GilbertWham: if it helps you feel any better, the sun came out the other day for the first time in what seemed like weeks, and my boy whinged about how bright it was. ::whompwhomp::


I have wondered if the inherent urge to gamble that is latent in all humans, gets a little workout from weather forecasts: “C’mon, no frost. No frost. Gimme no frost… YEAH! 3 days with no frost!”


there is a hyphen in “no-one” now? Come on, guys