3D photos from 1850s Japan


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Very cool!


That is amazing, and really gives, well, a unique perspective on history (sorry!).


Wait wait, there is a goof up here…

Clearly this is a modern photo of god damn hipsters with man buns run through a few instagram filters.


And you’d still HAVE your ViewMaster if you’d listened to your mother, and stopped running around the house while looking into it at those pictures from your star wars.

…in the time/space continuum, allowing that ghost on the (stage) left to phase in and out at will…


I still have mine. I even have my View-Master camera


Fake! I know for a fact Japan looked like this:


The stuff that doesn’t move much will appear to be at the plane of the screen. The rest will be in front or behind it.


Uh, no. That took place in the 1990s.

Japan 1850s was tail end of the Edo period, and would have looked like this:


You know Fuu ended up with Mugen. You just know it.


Paging William Gruber! White courtesy telephone, please.


Couldn’t be. Women weren’t in the workforce until those feminazi’s in the 1960’s…


I recognize two places, unmistakably Fushimi Inari Taisha (the red Torii gates) and probably Kitano Tenmangū, the one with kids around the stone lion statue, both are in Kyoto, but diagonally across the whole city!.


"Been there.

Done that."


This is wonderful! But it also highlights for me why ViewMasters were invented long before jangling GIFs. Can’t look too long at that without getting motion-sick.


Were these pictures taken by Paul Greengrass?


Interesting to think how the world was about to change for these people in the next fifty years.


I know Japan has a lot of earthquakes but I never knew that they were so common.


I love the one with the Geisha! They’re all gorgeous, though.


Stereotypes make me sad!