Uncanny Japan: a podcast highlighting "all that is weird from old Japan"

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This sounds great. I’m totally going to check this out. I spent 2 years in the late 90’s teaching English in a fishing village in Japan. There is a lot of weird shit, but awesome shit in that country.

Impossible. Japan is a very conservative country, there is nothing weird there.


But selling the idea of weird Japan seems to always work.


Pretty good farts, too!

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Do you know the manga work of Mizuki Shigeru? He’s been doing yokai (supernatural creatures) manga for decades, GeGeGe no Kitarō being probably his best known work. He first learned about yokai from an old woman whom he memorialized in Nonnonba.

His historical manga, the four volume series on the Showa era and his remembrances of his WWII experiences, Onward Towards Our Noble Deaths, are good introductions to one side of 20th century Japan and very autobiographical. His manga biography of Hitler is also very good.

I did three years in a tiny fishing village; the nearest kombini was a full hour away by car (HashtagFirstWorldProblems).

It was unrelentingly dull, but I did spend a large chunk of time tooling up and down the coastal roads and abandoned logging trails on my old motorbike.

I miss it often, and think that I would probably enjoy it more now that I am older…

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