Two examples of excellence from Japan


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Two examples of excellence from Japan


Mr jumping apologetic looks like he smacked his face off the ground a few times!


Contrition can be painful.



Two examples of excellence from Japan


Great minds think alike; simple minds rarely differ.




Wait wait wait. She was sent this spreadsheet… electronically… and then she printed it out and used a hand calculator to add up the numbers?


Time flies like an arrow; fruit flies like a banana.


@Cynical @crashproof No Asahi super dry??


Meh, kind of bland. Sapporo Black Label from a 660ml bottle (for some reason, the larger bottle changes the taste significantly) is nectar of the gods, however.


Asahi on draft for me. Container makes a difference but not so much as coming straight from the tap. (I gather because kegs are more fresh)


Here’s the calculator from the first clip:

Seems to be a Japan-only model. According to Google translate it’s even ‘Japan Electrical Calculator Proficiency Test Association recommended calculator’. And it’s over 80 bucks for a pretty basic calculator.


Here’s my two cents:



My first job was with a “direct mail marketing” (aka junk mail) company.

Some of our customers were paranoid about sending us customer addresses on disk or tape, so they would print the addresses and give us “labels” printed on paper. We then had to manually enter these addresses into a database so we could do the postal sort and then print the actual labels.


Let’s face it - Japan has plenty of excellent things.