Women helping to save collapsed mayor's life ordered to leave "sacred" sumo ring in Japan


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So… a sports announcer said something stupid? He was later corrected? The outrage!


Japan is a very weird and interesting country. Sadly, it is on the road to extinction, and attitudes like this are a big part of the reason.


He was later corrected after public outrage.


Japan doesn’t hold to the same western ideals Americans are familiar with. Their views on race and nationality would be right at home with people we would easily label as racist. They also have some very strict social norms and various traditions, and that includes some sexism.

The question is, do we respect their culture, or call it out? “Westernized” is often seen as a dirty word, but we can’t help to look down on this behavior through our western lens.


Go for it. I wouldn’t touch that with a ten-foot pole. I don’t get paid enough to sort out other peoples’ cultures.


Well, fortunately for me, I have an ocean and the worlds largest navy between me and them… :wink:

But I assume that was the point of this post… to chide them for not adhering to our ideals?


One guy. One guy said what all the old folks were thinking. But admit it - couldn’t you see this happening in MLB or the NFL? I can remember the outrage over a “lady journalist” in the NFL locker room.

We do not, in fact, inhabit the moral high ground of a liberal utopia of equality. That’s called Sweden.

EDIT: Apologies to any Swedes.


Sumo is more than a sport, it’s a religious ceremony, isn’t it?


1, where the heck was the onsite medical staff during the first moments of this? For most athletic competitions, aren’t there usually ambulances or onsite medical care standing by, right there? The strains of sumo wrestling, and no one runs up?
2, FTS with the “women get out of the sacred space” crap if the woman is a doctor or nurse, or more qualified than anyone else to help the person who is ailing. A doctor’s sense of responsibility, let alone how they feel about the particular oath they took, would usually override social considerations:

3, that woman started CPR awful fast, seemingly without checking signs?, so I can’t tell if she was just acting from years of knowledge and experience and started right in, or was just someone who knew CPR and tried it? Though the way others parted when she got there makes me think she said something like “I’m a doctor”? (Yeah, I have no medical training whatsoever, but I have an opinion…)


Really - why is any reporter in a locker room?


Eh - so is bowling.


bowling is about worshiping the god of malted barley with offerings of orbs of polyurethane.


“We would like to offer a profound apology. This instruction was inappropriate under such life-and-death circumstances. The gyoji did it because he was upset.”

So gyojis have been upset for the last 300-odd years?


The idiot men didn’t know what to do. It took a couple of women to save him. ‘Did he died?’
Man: You must leave sacred sumo ring!
Woman: But the mayor is dying.
Man: Your vigorous and rapid movements stimulate me!
Woman: I must go.


Japan is on the road to extinction faster than the rest of the countries? Come on.


We won WWII did’nt we? The SHOULD be playing Amerikan football, not sumo wrestling.


Yep. Their birth rate is imploding. Their population is aging. The Japanese government and demographers worldwide are aware of this. I know it’s only one step up from a tabloid, but here’s a random relevant story I saw just yesterday.


Seems like a problem that solves itself? When asked the women should’ve left and let the mayor die - boom, one less patriarch.


And religion is one of those things that some people think is more important than their own, or more importantly, anybody elses’s life.