Entertaining animated history of Japan

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I am shocked by his complete ignorance of Sailor Moon.


His other videos are uniformly delightful, if quite a bit shorter than this one.


“Sexy Times” was my fav!

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Where are the various invasions of megafauna?



Loved, loved, loved and confused by: World War II “was bad for TV”?!!

I think he said “looked bad on TV”, but World War II did delay the commercial roll-out of electronic television.

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Have to also acknowledge that with all the tongue in cheek throughout, handled the historical dropping of the atom bombs with remarkably tasteful restraint…


If anyone has done this sort of thing for European history, I’d be all over that!

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Curiously enough, “Dutch studies” really was a thing in Japan for a while, even though it sounds like a joke.

Being a Dutch translator was a venerable profession in 19th century Japan that was handed down from generation to generation.

One of the guys on Japanese money was trained as a Dutch translator, and when Japan opened up to the world, he went abroad and was shocked to find out that hardly anyone else spoke the language outside of the Netherlands.

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Exceptional. I upvote.

That thing is funny, informative, and gives me a urge to read more about all the stuff he crammed in it. Well played.

If he ever revises this he should add the Ainu.

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