3D printed book of textures and reliefs

Tom sez, "I have been thinking for some time how it would be nice to produce a 3D printed book of textures and reliefs. To publish and distribute all the wonderful architectural patterning and decoration we enjoy here in Chicago and beyond. This is the prototype for that idea. The subject matter for this book… READ THE REST

To some extent, 3d printing (on a low level) has been around. Its called embossing on inkless intaglio, although you can only have a little bit of depth.

That looks like an adorable Olmec head jello mold.

Commodity camera gear to capture detailed 3D model. Digital copies of resulting model freely available on universal network. (More-or-less) commodity 3D printer to instantiate materially. Shit be getting real.

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Someone should send a braille copy to Tommy Edison, the blind film critic !

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