3D printed, trainable robot arm with Arduino controller


When someone asks “Boing Boing? What’s it all about?” just point to this headline and say “like this, but with open source unicorns as well”.

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Put a banana in its hand and have it seized by the TSA from Rob Ford’s luggage and we might have a Boingasm.

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Headline: “3D printed … robot arm…”

That’s amazing!! So many makers are only able to 3D print a few crummy plastic bits. But here we have a story about an actual “3D printed robot arm”, including it implies the electric motors with windings, bearings and permanent magnets (the magnet paste has tended to jam up most prototype magnet printers), insulated wiring, encoders, nuts and bolts already torqued at printing.

Congratulations on this fantastic accomplishment. Printing out a complete robot arm, wow, fantastic, amazing.

[Reads past misleading headline, further into article…]

Oh, I see. A few crummy plastic bits. Not a “robot arm”.

But soon. Soon we’ll be able print out things at home. Mobile phones, food, flying cars…

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