3D printer maker, Prusa Research, retools its factory to manufacture hand sanitizer

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During WWII, my grandmother worked in a furniture factory that had been converted to make airplanes. (She says she wasn’t a riveter-- she helped hold the wing in place for the riveter, who was more skilled. She was only 16.) That’s the sort of American ingenuity we will need.


One of our suppliers made lingerie until WWII, then started making parachute cord. After the war they continued making parachute cord until 2015, when they finally closed their doors.


So they’re giving it away instead of selling?

They have a God-mandated fiduciary responsibility to return value to their stockholders! Why are they trying to destroy the economy?! Socialists will be the death of us all!


We put hand sanitizer in our bugout kit, because after a disaster, we may need water for drinking more than washing.

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