Prusa Research develops 3D-printable face shield in three days

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Most of us have already silently congratulated the team. Well done, well deserved.

Let’s also spare a moment to think good thoughts about the government of the Czech Republic – not every government [1] would go so far recognizing this kind of initiative.

[1] Naming no names.


Except for donor$.


Czech 3D printer company

I’m confused. CBS Evening News tonight reported on USA volunteers sewing face mask covers and called it “American ingenuity at its best.”

Surely other countries’ citizens aren’t showing the same ingenuitivitivness* as USA America!

Something something AMERICAN EXCEPTIONALISM!!!

*trademark Committee to Reelect Trump 2020


It’d be nice if there was a simple solution for converging and optimizing the efforts of all of the projects in this kind of ad-hoc space. I’m thinking about, or any of the several other similar groups, projects, and efforts I’ve seen in this space over the past week or two. Suggesting LMGTFY isn’t as relevant in a sudden, urgent context like this, where establishing consensus on credibility and authoritative sources is harder.


People at my hackerspace in Pittsburgh are discussing design of open source thermometers since one member cant find one for sale anywhere and he’s an awesome electrical engineer.

Lots of talk there right now about 3d printing but we’re all working at home now, trying to quarantine and crowd source remote work.


I like the Budmen Industries model and site because it allows both medical providers and makers to register so the fabricated masks can get into the hands that need them.

Wait, those guys are a band, right?

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This is to virus protection what TSA is to legitimate security operations. Theater. If people are coughing in your vicinity and you are not wearing N95 protection or greater, you’re going to breathe in virus particles. A plastic shield with large gaps all around your face isn’t going to cut it.


from some DHS article -

Goggles or face shields are used to protect eyes from splashes or sprays of blood/body fluids.


This sounds similar to my face shield project. But in mine, the main mask part is disposable (plastic wrap) as the virus can remain on plastic for a long time.
Do a web search on my name, Rob Milliken, thingiverse, and semi disposable face shield and you’ll find it. It’s been up since early March 2020.
To those who say it doesn’t do enough, it prevents larger particles and hands from touching face which are two large preventative measures like washing hands.
Everyone, take care.


Kpu polytechnic in Richmond BC Canada has a laser cutter, a slew of 3d printers and some technicians who can run both. There is also an outlet for “Industrial Paints And Plastics” nearby where we could source the faceshield plastics. Would this be of any use?.

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No it’s not airborne, but it’s present in bodily fluids, so a shield is effective.


The CDC says ( that while we don’t know exactly how the novel coronavirus is transmitted, it’s thought to be mainly carried thru the air via respiratory droplets between people who are within 6 feet of each other. The same way that the flu is transmitted.

So while the virus itself might not be airborne, it appears to be very effective in traveling thru the air.

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100% this! Just because a virus can be transmitted via fluids does not make it “airborne.”

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Actually, in an ideal world we combine the two. N95s to protect from inhaling virus, face shield to protect eyes and skin from droplets. The world we are working in is far from ideal. Combining the relatively available surgical mask with a face shield is better than either alone.


While technically correct, (I know, the best kind) data on potential hang time in certain settings could allow it to act like an at-least-partially airborne illness. At my office we mask when we change into scrubs and don’t unmask until we change back to leave.


I can see using FDM for rapid prototypes … but wouldn’t it be better to spend a couple of days CNCing a die and then injection mold in quantity?

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But but 3D PRINTING!!!


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