Covid mirrorshades

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This product is merely sunglasses crossed with a sneeze guard.

It doesn’t seal against the wearer’s face and thus does next to nothing to protect the wearer from inhaling viruses, nor to protect others from virus that the wearer might exhale.


“You have my interest… please continue.”


Now, we are all Daft Punk.


I’m torn between “This makes you look like a rainbow assh*le” and “Oooh, protection from the sun and from ballistic droplets, I’d wear that (with a mask under it),”


So basically a rainbow-fied version of the Raider’s helmet shield? Perfect for being an unidentifiable asshat.


My first thought was that it looks like the “humanoids” from Dr. Hans Reinhardt’s crew in The Black Hole.



Will facial recognition be able to peer through this and still work? If not, then this device has some beneficial use.


This takes me back to the time when cellphones were large enough to need a carrying-handle, and users thought they looked cool when using them in public. The difference now is that the mocking derision by others is immediate and justifiably applicable.


You make an excellent point. But pairing this with a mask would significantly reduce risk of infection to the wearer. The Hospital based studies have shown that adding face shields to protect the eyes dramatically reduces the rate of infection compared to wearing only a mask.


Question for the wearer:
How resistant is to being fogged up by the users breathing?

(I have that problem with a normal face mask and eyeglasses. Is there a separation between the eyes and nose/mouth internally, much like a SCUBA full face mask?)


This was the first place my mind went, this would be a great way to skirt past facial recognition. Beyond that i think they’d be annoying to use and a quick way to look like a douche. As an aside it might be an interesting item to buy to incorporate into a costume


Should be required gear at all buffets, where people try to duck under the sneeze guards (if any) for easier access to the food.

The only problem I see with face shields for covid is when they are falsely advertised as a valid alternative or substitute for a source control or PPE mask. They are not. They are a valuable adjunct, though, as they can stop ballistic droplets and multiple studies have found protective eye wear to correlate with reduced covid infection rates.

I’m trying to get over caring about that when it comes to wearing more and/or better PPE than most people are wearing in stores. It would be stupid of me to catch covid because I left my best PPE at home because I was concerned about appearances more than being safe.

But social pressure is a real thing. I’ve never worn the full face respirator I own in a store even though it is the best PPE I own (and, BTW, totally worth owning for shop use - the face shield doesn’t fog up because the nose and mouth are in their own compartment and valves keep exhaled air away from the mask lens).


For your regular mask, take a facial tissue, and fold it into ~ 3" x 1" rectangle. Then place it on in your mask where it fits over your nose. Tighten your mask down and it will absorb your water vapor and keep your glasses from fogging.

As for this mask, no idea, but there are anti-fog coatings out their they could use.


It can be both at the same time. You can be a rainbow assh*le who’s protected from the sun and ballistic droplets.

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That can help with bypass at the nosebridge, but for me, even with just glasses and not a full face shield, the warm air passing through the upper part of the filter media can fog my glasses. And, of course, in a face shield, it’s a bigger problem. There are some KF94 masks where the upper part of the mask filter is blocked to make fogging glasses harder, but can still fog face shields.

Elastomeric half masks that have a downward pointing exhaust vent at the bottom of the mask don’t have the fogging problem, unlike filtering face piece respirators, procedural and cloth face masks. But the best solution for anti-fogging, for me anyway, is a full face elastomeric mask since the exhaust air never gets into the lens compartment.


Haha, yep! Not unlike those folks who drive their car with those full-face sun shades, or welders masks, as I call them. You can’t nonverbally communicate with them at all since you don’t know where they’re looking, or even if they are paying attention. It would be good to outlaw those, like having both earbuds in is illegal.

Your glasses are doing you a favor by fogging: they’re telling you that your mask does not have a good seal. Get a mask with a better fit, or use some lightly-adhesive medical tape to seal-up the gap.


Here is the first review on Amazon:

Perfect for cold weather cycling, still fogs up a little but alot less than other glasses, they’re expensive for what you get because they feel plastic and not very premium, I still love then they look nice and block the cold wind and the annoying sun , you still can see the roads very clearly…