3D printing your organs before surgery

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It’s also helpful in case the surgeon has never seen a heart before!


Using CastAR or some VR rig would be better in terms of being able to zoom in and out, edit the image, see it animated, and collaborate with other team members across distances. Plus no time and materials needed to print the thing.

But a good progress anyway, and the patient can have a souvenir.

I recently got a CT scan, and while the event was unfortunate, I was delighted to get my hands on the data, and learned that it’s pretty amateur friendly to get them exporting fascinating shapefiles.

If anyone wants this data, let me know, and I’ll see if I can scrub my patient metadata from it.

Bonus points if you can WebMD my sternoclavical joint for me.


The CT scans provide this now, it works very well. I’m using OsiriX, which is free. The only thing lacking is a tactile sense of scale, which a handheld model would provide. An aspect of surgery is about parts fit, which I imagine a 3D printed hip socket would help with, when say, installing a new ball joint.


Hmm. I’d love to get something like that of the largest tumor in my leg.

yeah that would be great! I wouldn’t mind having a look at this.

you seem to be missing an arm

Cooool! I wonder how hard it would be to build these in Minecraft?

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Cool, glad to hear they shared that with you. I had an ultrasound of my heart a few years ago and was very disappointed that they weren’t willing or able to give me a video file of it, as it was freakin’ awesome to see.

As well as a great deal of flesh and organs. Must be messy walking around with no skin.

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I had a 3D scan of my mouth. Wow, you could rotate, zoom in/out, etc. with this machine (http://www.alhambradental.com/assets/images/gallery/office/office11.jpg). It was neat! My other dentist and I even got a copy of it to use in Windows. I bet these could make into 3D models to recreate my mouth or even my head.

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