Cancer survivor turns his CT scans into a music video

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Neat. I have some of my MRI scans on disk and you can go through them layer by layer.

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Feed the layers to a 3D printer and print your organs.

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My left leg is riddled with a large mass of tumors. It would be kinda neat to have that 3d printed.

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Play, I don’t know, something by Psychic TV?


I had a scan of a knee, the sound was like a techno track.

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Do it.

Not for you - for science!

Got fascinated with a CT scan (with tracer) of my circulatory system a few years back, then had some fun with an MRI set of images of my ribcage - AR style:

Both from when I had an out of the blue diagnosis of severely high blood pressure, enlarged heart, and heart failure. I just thought I was getting particularly out of shape… Medication, time and exercise has done the trick.

What I find is that the more I know about the technicalities of a medical issue - and the tests surrounding it - the less there is to fear. Knowledge is power y’know…


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