Playing a 3D printer as a musical instrument

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First, our brains ignore many of the sounds around us, but hidden in those sounds is music, or the potential for music.

Exactly the premise of 4’33", but John Cage took his fingers off the strings and let the universe play itself.


Stepper motors are a hell of a thing


I look forward to the music being the blue print for the object. “Let’s see what this song makes!”

I’ll confess that, after I upgraded my printer’s stepper-motor drivers to TMCs, I kinda miss the way it used to “sing” to me as it printed… :confused:

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I, for one, am the one who “sing” to my 3D printer. But I’m almost done building it/debugging it, so it won’t last. (Prusa clone from scratch, with some less than ideal components)

Needs more blinkenlights.

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