3D printed ukulele!


This is like the. . . the. . .


There’s no turning back.


Almost, needs bananas to just look at to achieve the DoctorowMetaTrifecta.


At what point will we stop calling it a printer and starting calling them 3D sculptors?
there’s no ‘printing’ in the classic sense, so how about a more applicable nomer?

I understand the objection (it’s a bit of a “horseless carriage” coinage) but at the same time, inkjet and laser printers don’t print (press) either.

Needs to be stopped before somebody abuses the technology to provide recorders to children or goes full nuclear and produces bagpipes!

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Print it and put some banana stickers on it! Now I want a ukulele DethKlok cover band, damn it!


I’d say it would also need some steampunk décor and possibly a map of Disney Land on the back. Then, look at it. Just look at it.


When the RIAA finds out they will most certainly rush to ban 3D printers. Why, if anyone can just print musical instruments, why would they buy music at all? It’s literally like stealing food from the mouths of the children of RIAA execs.

Where do I donate to their legal fund to make sure the menace is put down?


It also needs an Arduino for blog cred, to go along with the bananas and 3-d printed ukulele goodness.

arduino-powered banana-kelele? uke-anana?

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Arduino or Raspberry Pi powered auto tuner?

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Could that guy take any longer to tune?

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Stop this evil menace! Won’t somebody think of the children!

If someone makes a steam punk themed version they might as well shut the site down.

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The tuning to playing ratio was way off on this video :slight_smile:

I think it needs DRM and for the TSA to impound one for the BB Singularity to be invoked.


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