4,000 more DRM-free comics now available on Comixology


Great. I hope it gets the ball rolling.

Spent an hour or so downloading 4 GB of files from them last night!

Too bad I had to babysit it a bit as the big 1/2 GB TPB files tended to keep failing and I had to keep retrying before they fully downloaded.

I wish they’d announced this BEFORE the Fantagraphics 50% off sale had ended.

Then again, if they had my wallet would be a lot lighter right now.

Anyway, great news despite my missing an opportunity to stock up on Fantagraphics books for cheap.

Particularly interesting is that Hasbro’s licensed comics (Transformers and My Little Pony) are DRM-free as well. There’s even one DRM-free licensed Disney comic – but only one, as far as I can tell, and it’s a Free Comic Book Day release.

Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network seem to be holdouts, not to mention the Big Two comics publishers.

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