Image Comics launches a DRM-free online comic store

The amazing and iconoclastic Image Comics (already famous for its creator-friendly, author-owned posture) is launching a DRM-free online comics store to challenge Marvel’s super-DRMed, you-don’t-really-own-your-comics Comixology. I’m so glad to about this, especially as it’s coming from Image, who publish some of my favorite comics (including The Walking Dead). And just listen to how they… READ THE REST

Sounds like a good idea! I would like to ask though, even though there’s some irony in it, that anything black-and-white or greyscale be available for Kindle and other e-ink devices as well. I’d prefer to be able to just click on some link which sends a Kindle-ready book to me via ‘Send to Kindle’… but if I have to download ePub and convert I can deal with that.

Still overpriced, tho.

For the First Time, You Can Actually Own the Digital Comics You Buy

As is usually the case, ‘the first time’ is headline speak for ‘not the first time’, it’s a lot less common than it should be, but they’re not really breaking new ground. I just bought the third issue of The Private Eye for example, drm-free and (you’ll like this Arturo) name your own price. One of it’s creators, Brian K. Vaughan, is actually mentioned in the article, so you’d think they could’ve mentioned that these guys have been doing the drm-free thing since march…

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Good for them! I wish more content creators had this attitude.

I was about to mention the same thing. Great series, and a great philosophy behind their distribution method. I paid something like $3 an issue for the promised ten issues, all in advance, because I have faith in the creators (and after reading the first, for free - pay what you want includes ‘pay nothing’), and I’m not regretting it one bit. I really hope they successfully spread Panel Syndicate out to other creators.

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