4 egg mold fails that you should definitely try at home


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(I’m having serious trouble parsing this title. Maybe I should go back to sleep…)


Le Oeuf Macabre


Well of course they look bad, you forgot the Tabasco.


Could be the freshness of the eggs that’s making this tricky to pull off. Fresher eggs have thicker, less runny whites. And yolks that are less likely to break. I’d think you’d want the freshest eggs possible if you were trying to mold them.


I kinda like the Failure Skulls. It’s also yet another entry for the Band Name Thread.


Oh BB store, are you trying to neg us? That’s so cute! But nobody on earth is buying this piece of shit.




My favorite egg mold is green peppers sliced into a ring.


I just do scrambled, it’s a lot easier and I have less to clean up.



I would, but I always buy shit like this. So much fun to try and epically fail.


The problem is not the molds, it is the cook. Just a few tips:

  • The eggs should be cold (refrigerated): this helps maintain the yolk as the whites cook.
  • The pan should be non-stick. (My flat-bottomed NS wok works much better than my frying pan).
  • The pan does not need much oil, but just a very light wipe with olive oil.
  • The pan should not be too hot, don’t worry that it takes a little longer to cook.

Do this and you’ll have results like the picture.


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