Mold hard boiled eggs into a bunny and a bear cub


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Do people still do that saline injection thing? you could do that and put half of one of these over top…


The recipe for the sauce is in the video. It is Tonkatsu sauce, ketchup, and mayo.


DELICIOUS KEWPIE MAYO. mmmmm. I keep forgetting to buy some. No time like the present!


It won’t seem so cute after li’l Betty digs in to the pet rabbit with a fork or is mauled by a bear after getting soy sauce in its eyes.


the horror


of it all…


Who boils an egg for 12 mins


I misread that as “Mold and hard boiled eggs…”


Dig in Kids! SAVOR their featureless YELLOWGREEN BRAINS!


ok. very cute. Bought a couple for my wife, who likes to make hard-boiled eggs, as a silly little novelty gift. It’s shipping from Asia, though, so the delivery estimate is around 4 weeks give or take.


When I was a kid my mother had a mold that would shape hard boiled eggs into a cube. I’m surprised no one thought of this sooner.


Maybe it takes that long for the heat to go through the silicone (I assume) mold? I imagine it would be a fair to middling insulator.


The boiling part is done without the plastic.


I can think of some other shapes that would be a hit.


Looks like they added the eggs to cold water then brought it to a boil, which keeps the eggs from cracking. They turn the heat down after the water comes to a boil, so they’re actually simmering the eggs. The lower heat keeps the yolks from turning green.


I wonder if this works with century eggs.


decomposing zombie bunny/bear! great for halloween!


Oh. I assumed you put the egg in the mold before you boil it. It didn’t occur to me that you could mold a hot hard-boiled egg. Last time I assume something (yeah, right).

I wonder if it would work for a hundred-year-old egg?

Edit: @ficuswhisperer beat me to it, like two hours ago. Well, I assumed I was first. That’s absolutely the last time I assume something.


The sauce is listed in the video.

Is it acceptable to tell Boing Boing to RTFA?