45-piece toolkit for opening and repairing gadgets -- $7

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I have this one - my only “complaint” is that it’s not magnetic.

I use this one a fair amount for small projects.

Note, I threw away a random bit (I think it was the H4) just so that this wouldn’t be 45. Something about that number…


True, but the tweezers that come with work wonderfully for me to hold things in place while tightening.

IMHO these kinds of sets end up being useless too often because the socket and bit arrangement means you can’t access screws that are more recessed than the length of the bit protruding from the socket, typically around a centimeter or so.

As long as your gadgets are obsessed with thinness this isn’t necessarily a fatal problem, but for stuff like kids toys its a showstopper.

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Rub the tip on a magnet for a minute. That usually gets enough magnetic magic on your tool for the job at hand.

(not a joke although how I wrote it sounds like one.)



“my only “complaint” is that it’s not magnetic.”

If it’s not magnetic, then it is worse than useless for making computer repairs, which is what I would want such a thing for. No sale!

Also, echoing @jandrese, once you have just one set of these, you inevitably get frustrated that they are useless for doing screws buried deep inside a gadget. Which has caused me to resolve to always buy full fledged screwdrivers next time I need some esoteric bit for some weird repair.

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Echoing some more.
I have the slightly bigger set, it’s worth the 3,- extra. (Or around, it was a birthday present, sometimes you get what you ask).
And it is very useful. Use it quite a lot, but combined with longer screwdrivers. You can’t do without those also, if you like to pull things apart :wink:

I’d rather buy a kit with an assortment of 45 pry tools and spudgers, especially since the non-metal ones tend to get bent or torn and need replacing with use. For screwdrivers and sockets, one should get tools of better quality than $7 buys you.

If it is steel, you can just keep a small rare earth magnet on the side of the shaft.

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I picked up the equivalent for only just slightly less some years ago, and I’ve gotten great use out of it.

But this one seems much nicer and would be quite worthwhile, especially if you’re not obliged to pay for shipping.

It is useful to store a couple of plastic guitar picks alongside the bits; they are very useful as case-opening tools, especially as they are less likely to scratch than metal equivalents.

How many bits would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck bits?

Wait… that’s not quite right somehow…

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And now it’s $10.99 …

That’s a great tip!

Will any of the bits in this set open the N64 or N64/SNES carts?

It looks like the “Y2.0” or “Y2.5” ought to do that.

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