5 Drones You Won't Want to Miss

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I won’t miss them if I am using the right ammo!


I got one of those micro-drones, and it worked, for about ten minutes, until I banged it into one thing too many, and one of the motors stopped working. Too small to reasonably take apart and solder, too. Caveat Emptor. Maybe if you’re already really good at flying drones, you could fly one of the micro drones well enough to not destroy it, but I wouldn’t recommend them for beginners.


Those SKEYE nano drones – by whatever branding – can be found for as low as $12.81.

They are not good for beginners. “Nimble” is one word for it I suppose, but “extremely fast, prone to crashing, hard to control, unable to maintain level flight or hover without shooting off in some random direction” is more accurate.


My daughter was given one of similar size but it came with a mesh sphere to encase it. It tends to bounce off stuff. It has not had any fatal damage… yet.


I have a phobia of helicopters, and drones are close enough to freak me out. All those whirly blades and random movements. I need one of these for when I walk through a mall and those assholes with the kiosks buzz me.


Mall kiosks have f**king drones to harass shoppers now?!

I haven’t been in an indoor mall since before commercial drones were a thing. Thanks for giving me one more reason never to set foot in one again.



Well the kiosks are selling drones, so it makes sense they’d be showing them off. I just don’t want to have to dive into Abercrombie to avoid one.


Dive bombing shoppers brings new meaning to hard sell :unamused:

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