Young kids will flip for this DIY starter drone -- and they might even learn something

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This is exactly the reaction I get from my 12 year old when I get him stuff that’s good for him, or educational. So I’m sold, ordering one today…!

So, it’s a knockoff of the no longer available Flybrix, right?

I have one of those. Point is that these ‘Building Block’ drones are very frustrating for the noob dronepilot. They explode into more pieces than you can count on any less-than-perfect landing. Yeah, sure, you can rebuild the thing. But after 15 attempted landings, explosions, quests for pieces (there are an amazing number of very small pieces that can fly really far away during a crash) and reassemblies the fun goes away…

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Don’t be fooled by the self-applied ‘STEM’ label in the name…
This is not an educational thing. It’s just marketing to justify this toy to the parents.

In other words: just buy the kid a real drone. They’re equally cheap and the fun will last a lot longer!

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They don’t ship to Canada.

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