5 important skills to learn this summer

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Considering the news over the past couple of years, I was expecting something more like:

  • Survival Scavenging - learn to take what you need to survive, not what you think you might be able to refurbish and sell on Craigslist.
  • Improvised Shelters in the 21st Century - whether you find yourself in the zone where the Blizzard of the Century hits several times a year, or the one where temperate land has suddenly turned to desert, learn how to build an appropriate shelter from available materials.
  • Fundamentals of Fortification - learn how to minimize the damage and casualties amongst your community of improvised shelters when rogue bands of former ICE and riot police come roaming around.
  • Neo Horticulture - learn how you too can continue to eat healthy, filling meals, even after the grocery stores and fast food restaurants are gone.
  • Herbal Healing - real medicine was nice while civilization lasted (if you could afford it, that is), but once it’s gone, there are still some things that you can do to ease your suffering and avoid or counter some health problems.

Essential skill #1:


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