5-port USB desktop charging station great for family travel

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Bought one of these at Central Computer.

Charges many things well. Apple products don’t complain. However, the cord that comes with it is ridiculously short. It’s probably about 18".

The little suction cup pad is my favorite part. Completely useless to me (the only smooth surfaces on my desk are my monitor screens) but fun to play around with, by throwing it at said screens and seeing if I can get it to stick.


too edgy, will poke into things when thrown in a bag

Can we, please, pretty please, have teardowns of such things? It’d be more interesting to see what’s inside and get comments on the circuitry and overall quality of parts and build.

File off the edges, and/or cover them with sugru?


I could do that, or I could spend my money on a product that employed an exterior designer with half a brain.

When the time to mod the thing is equal or less than the shopping for a different one, the choice is clear.

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Have you forgotten the various accessories carriers which have also been reviewed at this site? :wink:

Is this the reason we can’t have nice things?

Pretty much yes. Low amount of such teardowns, in comparison with the variability of the market offers, means that mostly we get offered something we do not know nearly enough about. The resulting information asymmetry leads to market selection of crap.

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I like how the amazon seller switched out the product from the charger to a battery. What’s that about?..

Is this product also a hub, or just a charger?
(And if you’re reviewing products like this in the future, could you indicate that?)

There are times that you don’t care about it (like when you’re just trying to charge separate devices), but also times that it’s really helpful to have a hub (like when you want to plug a bunch of devices into a Raspberry Pi or similar microcomputer that doesn’t have enough power to power all the peripherals.)

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