5 tips for writing science fiction to engage people who don't read it


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Was this some kind of sponsored promo-piece? It seems unusually trite and pointless.


Don’t know – TLDR.


Haters gotta hate.


Well, yeah kinda obvious.

  • Keep you characters empathic and real.
  • Don’t dive into your wildest ideas straight away. Let the reader start in a familiar place and learn the new rules gradually. The classic Hobbit leaving the Shire plotline.
  • Keep the story moving. Well, sure. It’s a story.

Pretty standard rules for stories, video games, TV shows etc.


You should write an article about it and get it published! :slight_smile:


You forgot Margret Atwood’s preferred step: Insist that it’s not science fiction


Me too, I can’t get through the day without a few swigs of futurehol.


and Vonnegut’s


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