Boingboing writing group prelim discussion

In hopes this actually takes off and a specific writing tag gets made, I figure try not only fishing for live bodies, but also see what genres people want, sharing your own stories or a more collaborative approach, etc.


I’m a Sci-Fi/Fantasy writer.

I currently have ideas for first drafts of:

  • A sequel to a mostly-constrained-by-physics superhero novel that I wrote for NaNoWriMo 2015 (Tentative title, “Machine”)
  • A time-travel novel (Tentative title, “The Catch”)
  • A sci-fi novel about the consequences of the ability to live forever (Tentative title, “Deadline”)
  • A medieval fantasy novel based on a roleplaying campaign I was a part of (Tentative title, “A Knight of the Lady”), and
  • An epic fantasy story about the importance of story to being human (Tentative title, “The Storied Sword;” currently too ambitious for me to tackle, given that I’ve only written one novel).

I’m open to try collaboration, but I fear that I’m too much of a control freak to make it work. Roleplaying is one thing, because I’m in full control of the character and not the narrative, but having some control of the narrative, but not full control… I think I’d have trouble with that.

I’d prefer to share new works as I come up with them, and use this community as encouragement to write. But I would be open to trying collaboration if we could come up with a story idea that hooks me.


I am actually of a split mind on the matter.

I have stories I want absolute control over because I have a rough of at least key moments planned out. At the same time I have settings those stories take place in that I would love to do collaborative on since I will never touch every detail/facet of that setting and would like to see love given to things I will never personaly get to. Then there is the fact I have a lot of half finished material I would sorta be interested in seeing what other people can make of.

Mostly I do fantasy or SciFi. I have a fairly hard ‘no’ on romance or faith based. I mean I guess I could but it wouldn’t be those weepy teary put faith in god and suddenly everything is peachy type stories. Those to me are boring and unrealistic and send a message of ‘they got a happy ending but you won’t because you are not deserving enough.’

OK sorry. SciFi. Case in point my two personal favorite settings are a setting where robots exist in a world where humanity is either dead or confined to sleeper vaults (haven’t decided but leaning on humanity is gone since once humanity shows back up robots abandon building their own civ, which is boring.) My other favorite is where a civ that had 22nd century level technology backed and augmented by magic (think ‘weaving’ from wheel of time mixed with ‘bending’ from Last Airbender) was in a global war, is just now building up to where citystates are forming and people are at a steampunkish level of technology combined with scavenging old things… And dealing with the fact necromancy is illegal because that entire branch of magic got blamed for the war when the main character has an affinity for said illegal magic (and is both not emo, an in a stable relationship.)


I’m not sure where you’d planned to go with this thread but I have a world y’all are free to write in and can’t really get in too much trouble with writing on top of each other.

It’s based on a previous idea I’d worked with. The world is our world but with a distinct change. Somewhere between January 1st and January 3rd, elements of the dream world started leaking into day-to-day life. If y’all are interested, I can send the first draft and some notes this evening.


Well I personally would like a new thread tag ‘write’ since ai’m fairly sure we have a high number of would be and active writers. That way we can do our own things, collaborate, and such. I mean we can now but it’d help with organizing.

Mostly fishing about for ideas because I don’t want this. Be taken as a forum game so much as the end product is something book-like, so each post/addition would be longer form and encompass potentislly every character as opposed to just your own acting/reacting on collab projects.


Just chiming in to add my support and a reader. I can’t write for shit, but I’m good at encouragement if that’s any help!


i write poetry and occasionally very short stories i call vignettes. such a tag would suit me fine.


Another Sci-Fi/Fantasy and RPG writer over here.

Currently have:

  • Olamim: RPG/novel setting that attempts to have a magically active society with justified 50,000 years of recorded history
  • Betwixt and Between: Urban Fantasy/Cyberpunk setting set 100 years in future, with shamanistic magic
  • Neumann: Near-future setting attempting realistic look at Friendly AI
  • Assorted RPG settings and game mechanics
  • A Thing Of Vikings: The fanfic that I did/am doing for NaNoWriMo 2016; just passed the 300,000 word mark (goal for February is 400k). Earlier chapters are in semi-final draft stage, aiming to start posting late this month/early next.

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