NaNoWriMo 2016: Finish Line!

This will be the tenth year since I first stumbled onto ‘Write a Novel in a Month’ and by the time it rolls around I’ll have properly moved and hopefully won’t be so swamped i won’t want to do any writing.

So I figure I’ll revisit the original concept that started it all with me: A Necromancer that wishes to use his powers for positive ends. He likes sunshine, farming, dogs, and is relentlessly optimistic in spite of having not just a front row seat but actively can FEEL death and has to resist a cocaine like pull whenever his magic tweaks.

Also Necromancy is illegal because of the last great war that blighted the land making the only real sources of learning death cults.

So Y’know. Fun times. It’s probably gonna suck, but y’know? I want to step up to bat again.


I’d love to. I have ideas for about five different novels lines up, including a sequel to last year’s NaNo novel, a trilogy I really want to finish so I can go back and start editing.

This year, though, I just don’t think I have time. In addition to work, I’m spending one whole weekend camping with the Cub Scouts, a week down in Texas for a cousin’s wedding, plus I’m going to be helping instruct first aid courses a couple nights a week and spending another night each week with the Cubs.

I understand that there are still gaps they’re when I can write, but I don’t think 50K is doable this year.


I do NaNos sometimes, but I’m always overcome with the weird feeling that I just wasted a lot of time writing bad fiction that nobody will read. In theory,it sounds like fun, but in practice I don’t get it.


It’s to give yourself permission to do something badly without feeling like a total goon for it. After all you never know if you try, right? Besides, it has a large bend towards getting young people writing, or at least rading. This is something I will always support.


I will say this about NaNo: it got me in the practice of writing continuously without stopping to road map, or allowing me to write myself into a corner. Just a great big story loop that I couldn’t recreate if I tried.


I might give it a bash.


The theory is, you’ve gotta write a lot of bad fiction to learn how to write good fiction. Or so I’m told. I can’t seem to figure out a full plot from start to end for a short story, let alone write a novel. As long as you enjoy the process, why not do it? :grinning:


More like, you have to write a lot of bad fiction to learn how to write good bad fiction.

My short stories have no plot. They just kind of exist. Descriptions of moments in time, and the reader has to fill in the rest. I used to like to write longer short stories with twist endings, but I decided I like to write flash fiction better.

The thing I like about NaNo is that it forces me to concentrate on the story arc. I can’t spend time researching or planning, I can’t let myself write into a corner, I just have to keep going with the story.


I’ve finished (the 50K words part anyway) twice (once I completed the entire novel :laughing:; no, it’s never available for reading). I have too many other projects this year. Either I’ve already started my next novel or I won’t be ready by November.

Best of luck for everyone who does though.


For me the timing is pretty good since by then the house will be MOSTLY sorted and settled in the short term, but too close to take on long term projects. I’ll either be too busy to bother, or loads of time to dig in.


Your “Niceromancer” concept sounds great! Best of luck making it real :slight_smile:


I was all set to write a piece of original fiction in a sci-fi universe that I’ve been developing for a year now…

and then a piece of fanfic proceeded to tug on my ankles and gave me a puppy-dog look, and now I’m doomed, as the title walked in with it.

Ah, well.


Maybe next year Joe and Donny’s Adventures at the Copypasta Factory will make it. I live in hope.
November’s always a busy month. :frowning2:


Well, it’s the start of NaNoWriMo; if it’s okay, I think that it would be fun (and good for some social support) if we can post word counts here. :slight_smile:

And I’m not just saying that because I managed to hit 6,700 on Day One. :smiley:


Day 1: 6,700.
Day 2: 12,000 :writing_hand:


That’s usually about my week one average. :laughing:

Good luck to everyone who’s NaNo’ing this year. I’ve started the planning stages of something I might start writing soon. Not in time for NaNo though.


Oh c’mon now. I’ve done a few years where i literally didn’t have anything til week three and managed to shotgun it.

End of Day One/Start of Day Two word count?

Unsure what I’ll have tomorrow proper as most of the day will be spent clearing storage out for a yardsale this weekend. I am the only help my stepdad has on the matter.


I wouldn’t even know how to start.

Start simply then.


It’s stupid sounding to just blind write, but it gets rid of the blank page problem. Even if it isn’t what the final product will be it’s SOMETHING. Like i said, I’ve done a few years where the first week or two is just straight up not the novel.


Mwahahaha. I just came to the realization that how I’m writing this story can basically be summed up as “I got handed the movie as the player characters’ joint backstories and am now running it as an RPG.” :smiling_imp:

12k so far as of end of day 2! I’m on fire! :smiley:


Sprints are great (I’ve done a 10k sprint in one day that got me back on track one year) but it’s more about consistency.

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