5-year-old to Komodo dragons: "I love you, you're so nice."

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Recent Marvel properties confirm that dragons do indeed come from nearby adjacent universes.


I wonder how much they edited that? Even with editing odd pauses and digressions typical for that age, Dillon is a wonderfully articulate and imaginative 5 year old!


Yeah, kind of reminds me of this guy:


And it sounds like he’s well on his way to being a scientist. Not to feed in to too many stereotypes, but there are certain fields of study where I’m pretty sure that not caring about your hygiene is a requirement for admission… (and this is coming from a guy who had to swab the aboral end of my digestive tube for an e-coli sample to culture…)


Now I miss Axe Cop.

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Komodo dragons certainly do not get the love they deserve.


Being people eating dragons, they deserve tough love.


Awwww… How cute.

Shall his adults send him to take selfies with bears next to show how cute he is in THAT setting?

Look a komodo dragon is, to quote wikipedia, an apex predator that, yes, sometime hunts humans. Just like cougars do (no, not middle aged women).

Climate change is real. Wild animals are nothing to be played with, especially by very young children. CPS should be looking at these parents.

Are you under the impression that adults actually sent him into the enclosure to play with the dragons?


Young children may lack the capacity to understand the danger or interpret the warning signs.
I was saddened and horrified to read of a four year old boy losing his arm to a pit bull today. Extends to adults too - recall the woman who keeps going into the big cat enclosure at the zoo.

Again, are people actually watching this video and coming away with the impression that the adults in this boy’s life are actually about to let him play with the Komodo dragons??

Most kids play with teddy bears and plastic dinosaurs at some point too, but you don’t hear concerned onlookers worrying that those kids’ parents are endangering their lives by desensitizing them to the dangers of apex predators.


Yes, but aside from birds the dinosaurs were wiped out at the end of the Mesozoic, and Teddy died a good 102 years ago.


I did not intend to imply that I worry the parents are going to put the kid in with the dragons, and I don’t think that can be read into my comments. My point was that kids need to be taught appropriate wariness and fear of wild animals because otherwise they lack it and will learn the hard way. It’s better to teach them verbally - you don’t need to put them in danger.

I have had conversations with my kids that their teddy bears and the bears in the stories, are not anything like the real thing. I told them of meeting black bears in the wild and how scary it is and the story of my friend in high-school whose father was mauled to death by a brown bear he had faced down so the kids could get away.

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