Idiots and their kids almost become dinner on a wild animal preserve


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Poor kids have Darwin-award parents.


Darn - you beat me to it. Was going to say Darwin award jury is disappointed at the fact these people only just avoided eligibility.


In USA the parents may have been able to sue the park, but I doubt that would work in the Netherlands.What would have happened to the cheetahs is more of an open question.


Even in the US, during the early days of the National Park Service and up to the present, there has always been a sizeable population of local guests at National Parks under the impression that the animal inhabitants are trained or under control somehow. I once had to physically pull a fellow guest away from a rattlesnake when they got down on their knees for a close up with their phone.
There’s an excellent book by Lee Whittlesley, “Death in Yellowstone”. A sizeable section is devoted to animal encounters.


as both @anothernewbbaccount and @michaeljtobias both pointed out. Darwinism at its finest.


I kinda like the idea of taking the safety measures off and letting people self select themselves out of the gene pool like this.

In America businesses are afraid of getting sued so things are idiot proofed ( except guns oddly enough :thinking:) .


They were just turning their lives around…


Yeah, I was wondering about that too…


They’re not afraid of getting sued. They’re immunized.


What I don’t get: the guys in the car filming that are not getting involved in any kind.

(FTR, they were lucky to choose the cheetahs. It is still massively stupid, and dangerous. But if this would have been a group of lions, or a single leopard, I think someone would be dead.)


You both beat me to it! I was going to suggest a potential multi-generational Darwin award!


You’re talking about the cheetahs, yes?


Maybe they have a YouTube channel that needs more views. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Did the dad leg it back to the car, leaving the mum and kids behind? Did I see that right?


2:16-2:21 Wow, they really almost had that toddler there, right before he gets back to his mother like any sensible mammal would.


Apparently the cheetahs know the rules better than the tourists. They’re sayin’ “get the f>ck back in your car…”


Completely aghast at the epic levels of stupidity on the parents’ part.

Linguistically interesting is how “what the fuck” is readily assimilating into other languages.


I’m a linguist and was thinking exactly that :slight_smile:


“Freeze all motor functions.”