50-year-old man paddles his way from San Francisco to Honolulu

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An incredible achievement! I wouldn’t even attempt to sail it.

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Why didn’t this show up in the Star-Advertiser, even below the fold?

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This is an awesome achievement at any age. Glad Kanaloa welcomed him.


Also, TIL the island of Wales could take a holiday. :wink:



I’ve only done a little bit of stand-up paddling but it strikes me as inefficient the way his blade is only partially submerged and he’s splashing so much water. Anyone got an explanation of that?

This guy did a great thing with a technique that made him work harder.

People have already rowed boats across oceans with two paddles, sitting.

He did it the way he enjoyed it, so really, that’s a great and respectable thing, but it doesn’t take away from the others before.


Wales “getting close to” his boat, they say?

And here I thought the wales were part of the boat! :wink:

:thinking: Or maybe he wore his corduroys…?

Nor Civil Beat. (Even now, 9 hours after your post!)

What an elaborate way to avoid his family on a milestone birthday.


Another report from the Garbage Patch.

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