502. boingboing.net is being configured


Did you restart FF after you cleared the cache? After I cleared my FF cache I continued to see the problem. Then I restarted FF and (fingers crossed) haven’t seen the problem since.

Btw my extensions are:
Add Block Plus


Thanks for the tip. Restarting worked. The odd thing is that for the last few days, I had no problems. It just started happening again.


It was just last night when I refreshed so not sure if it will return for me or not.

Edited to add:
Still good so far as of Monday morning.


I get this every time I follow a link here from The Old Reader. On the 502 page, if I just force-refresh (ctrl-F5), then the current page loads. Further pages continue to load correctly for some time. Eventually, however, something must time out and I end up getting the 502 page again. Maybe once a day?


My guess is your reader has a piece of javascript or other code cached that is leading to the wrong page.

If there’a a way to clear the cache, you may be able to resolve the issue.


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