5200mAh portable USB charger for $4.59

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For this cost it is good enough to use as a power component of some other gadget.

Just leave enough space in the enclosure for another type of battery if this one turns to be crappy and fails soon.

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I bought this exact model for $14 in May 2014 and have been carrying it around in my briefcase ever since. I haven’t used it much since I got a new phone a few months ago that usually lasts the whole day, but it still holds more than enough juice to fully charge my iPhone 6S in a pinch.

For $4.59 it’s a no-brainer.

Mark, just how many damn battery packs do you have??

This really looks like an obsession: buying a new battery pack every month or so because the newest one is slightly cheaper than the last seven you bought, or holds a bit more energy.

In 2015 alone:

Solar-charging battery for USB devices (February)
A 10000mAh portable USB charger (March)
20,000mAh USB external battery (March)
3000mAh Mini Portable Charger (June)
Small but mighty USB recharger (July)
Dual USB charger with 10000mAh (September)
5-port USB desktop charging station (September)
Compact 5000mAh USB charger (October)
15,000mAh battery pack (October)
20000mAh portable charger (November)

You say you’ve bought the majority of these. And when we go further back in the archives you’ve bought more and more and more

Ever think of seeing anyone about this? Or at least recycling them properly…?

(I only ask because every time you post one of these I think “oh, that looks good, Mark got that so I should get that,” and then I remember that I already have 3 that are FINE.)


These cheap battery packs are never worth the money. They tend to have have very few recharge cycles available because they lack a decent charging circuit. Almost every one I bought ends up in the garbage in short order.

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