20000mAh portable charger for $18


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I get “The promotional code you entered cannot be applied to your purchase.”


Ditto :-/




@frauenfelder Serious question: how many chargers do you own? Because I’m tempted to buy one every time you post one, to replace my fairly basic Radio Shack charger, but this is seriously a lot of chargers. Like a fetish.

Those are all from this year alone. I love the latest battery as much as the next guy, but these aren’t the most Earth-friendly products in the world, when you keep buying new one just to get a couple more amp-hours or another USB port… :wink:


I feel like it might be time to start measuring battery capacity in amp-hours rather than milliamp-hours.


Oh come on, it’s more impressive if you can pad the number with a bunch of useless zeros.


20000000 µAh. Not only more zeros but also the intellectual Greek letter.

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