Anker PowerCore 10000mAh portable charger on sale

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Looks like $45 is the list price and $29 is what it’s on sale for.

I purchased one of these last month. Took it out of the box today - NOT included in the box: ANY way to plug it into a power outlet and charge (or recharge) the thing. Seriously. An additional purchase is required to charge this thing up to then use as an emergency backup battery? No instructions on where/how to buy whatever cable or wall-adapter you need either.

10000mAh 10Ah.

Fixed that for you.


Except every single manufacturer of these things describes their capacity in terms of mAh. Even if it seems silly, it is absolutely the standard at this point.

I will say, I am a real USB-C fast charge fan at this point. It is really nice compared to slower 5-11ish Watt charging. This site has all the info a person needs to know on this subject, which can get a little complicated! And yes despite the URL, it goes into much more than USB-C charging for the Switch.

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Ah. I could go off on USB-C as a single point of failure, with horrible noise characteristics for sensitive electronics, but I’ll save that for another de-facto standards rant, where as here I am simply commenting on the stupidity of going along with marketing math.


Fair enough. But there’s nothing inaccurate about referring to a device like this as 10000mAh, vs. 10Ah, seeing as they are the same thing, and considering many devices in this category are less than 10000mAh, so manufacturers would rather use thousands of mAh vs. decimals in Ah. It’s not like it’s misleading. Most of the manufacturers also supply “number of recharges” numbers for devices of difference classes in very consumer-friendly-ese in their marketing materials for these things.

This is one of Anker’s graphics for this model, for instance:

No. It’s not inaccurate, so much as it’s like saying $19.99, because it sounds less than $20, only this is the inverse game. I’ll probably just refer to them as 10 micro kilo Ah from now on.


I dunno – considering the public has no idea what a mAh is and how it compares to an Ah, or what these things are even a measure of, what is this trying to manipulate them into believing, especially when all products in this class by all manufacturers are described in these units?

As far as your own naming scheme, though, I think it will definitely gain the support of the Society for Redundancy Society. :wink:


Most of us have 10 fingers. Moving a decimal point around shouldn’t be that hard.

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And that will be 10Ah at the battery, not at the USB cable.

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MegaMan here!!! Excited by the 0.00001 MAh charger! Its got all 0.000006 Mft , 0.00023 Mlb (or, if you prefer 0.104 Mg), of me very excited! And for only M$0.000029! I’d drive 1000 Mm to get something like that!

MMan Out!


It’s only 8:59am and you’ve already won the Internet for today! :rofl:

You can thank the EU for that! And you should. Before they pushed legislation requiring interoperable standards for electronica chargers, every brand had it’s own dumb system, and every user had a bucket filled with wall warts.

It works so well that now companies can just ship their hardware without chargers, trusting that consumers will usually already have the required chargers, saving a lot of e-waste.


That’s pretty much the reason I bought their 13000-C. USB-C input, same as my phone. USB-A output, same as my wall wart. No need for a new cable.

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You’d think so, yeah. As my job quite literally involves explaining percentages to brain surgeons, I’m more cynical these days.

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You are advising Ben Carson?? Good luck


Good Lord, no. Nothing that awful. But explaining esoteric pension taxation to consultants and the like is harder than one might imagine. They’re a lot better at cutting holes in folks and rummaging around inside them than they are at maths, turns out.


Counting to 12 on those fingers is actually surprisingly easy and a lot more convenient and powerful. If only we used a base-12 counting system…

Counting to 12 on one hand: use your thumb to touch the 12 segments of your fingers. Thumb to the tip of your pointer finger (think “OK-sign”) is 1, thumb to the base-segment of your pinky is 12.

Use the other hand to count the multiples of 12 and you can count to 144(!) on two hands.

#base12isSuperior #whyWeHave12hoursAnd60Minutes

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