If the Anker charger was too expensive for you, here's a much cheaper alternative

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It is annoying that the price is not listed; I am guessing for contractual reasons.

However, it is a good code, and makes for a pretty good price on the item!

I would say a dozen would be gross, but one is quite sweet! If it came up half again, it would still be a good deal. The odds are 12:1 that you’ll be pleased with the price!


If you search around, there are 34K MaH chargers on Amazon. Worth it.

Could be useful. At the moment I need the largest size commonly allowed on airplanes, which seems to be 100 Wh, or 20,000 mAh @ 5V. But I’m not sure if I might not be better off with a few smaller ones instead…

I bought a 15000mAh one last March to cover for a family vacation (4 cell phones + camera) and that was more than adequate to keep all the phones at least operational at the end of the day. Only annoying part is they get heavy.

I currently use it as a portable backup for my Switch and it does an equally good job there.

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BB wants you to click through, thus refreshing your affiliate link for another 24 hours so anything you buy in that time frame will pay a sweet commission to BB.

Maybe contracts too… no idea.

Have just bought a 12000 mAh one that doubles as a car jumpstarter. I haven’t had to use it as such yet, but am interested to see how it works.

code not working

in my mind? I see Mark F living in a house full, and I mean chock FULL of all the coolest devices.

so much so that he may have to choose which battery pack, which handcrafted notebook, which pen, which jetpack - to take every morning when he leaves the house…

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continue being Amazing Mark - you do inspire many of us!! :slight_smile:

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