Get the Anker PowerCore 20000mAh charger for $35

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Holy lord. How high does the number have to be before you stop measuring in mAH and start measuring in AH.


Naturally it went on sale. I just bought one ten days ago…


I purchased an Astro charger from them a year ago and it can’t even charge my phone. It keeps resetting when I plug my phone in. Works reasonably well on other devices, but not working with my phone is a big minus. Customer support basically told me I was holding it wrong. Yeah, thanks. Never buying their stuff again. I ended up with a RAVpower charger that was chaper, higher capacity, and actually could charge my phone. It also had QC3.0 to chare itsef which is really important when you’re charging something this big. Sure, you could just plug it in to a 10W charger and leave it for a day, but that takes out a lot of the utility.

Finally, more of the battery news that brought me to BoingBoing in the first place.

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