Anker’s PowerCore USB 15600 battery pack for $24

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@frauenfelder time for an intervention. apparently some people have as many portable power packs and headphones as i have boxes of tea. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

…and don’t think i’m not noticing your “pen problem” @jlw! :slight_smile:

Seriously though Anker makes some great stuff. My daughters BT speakers are by them and they sound amazing, last all day, and have fantastic range. My 10 port usb3 hubs are by them and never had an issue.

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I have a huge pile of batteries. I tend to the KMASHI line. Anker is good tho.

One can never have enough pens.

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+1 for the Anker recommendation. We have 3 batteries, one of which was used daily for a year and a half and was replaced recently under warranty with zero fuss. We also have a bunch of Anker chargers and even more USB cables (loving the velcro cable ties that come with them).

No hesitation in recommending them to others. They are more expensive than some but I feel the quality and support are more than worth the price difference.

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I bought a second generation Astro E5 which didn’t work with my phone: just kept connecting/disconnecting, and overheated the phone. Their customer service was very good: send me a replacement immediately. Works perfectly, but when my phone’s battery dies, the same connecting/disconnecting happens. I’m under the impression that my phone actually has a design flaw which doesn’t go properly with the power bank.

Seems to me to be worthwhile to point out that the number “15600” is only in the name of this device. Nowhere on Amazon’s page is there any specification for the actual mAh of this device. Perhaps it IS 15600 mAh, but there is no claim there for that number and it seems like a curious oversight.

yes, as a retailer Amazon leaves something to be desired.

Product Specs:
Capacity :15600 mAh / 57.72 wh
Output :5V / 4.8A
Input :5V / 2A
Weight :341 g / 12 oz
Size :166 x 58 x 22 mm / 6.5 x 2.3 x 0.9in

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