My two go-to USB battery packs


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For long trips or big/multiple devices, there are a few flavors of Anker 20000mAh PowerCore batteries. I got the + version with usb-c to keep my games going on a recent trip, and it’s a beast.


Must you pack it in your non carry on luggage?
It has been since 911 I have done any air travel.
Now trying to get up to speed on how to pack and be expedient.
I use a Aukey 30,000mHh power bank and a 10,000mHh myCharge.

for day travel.


My last couple of trips this last year I dug into the regulations. If I did my math right around 20,000 was the size that noone is supposed to panic about, and I think 30,000 was the size that some panic about and the rest still won’t care. (those are values for single devices. I believe there’s a much higher total mAh per passenger, but it was enough to cover something like 10 devices)


I’ve been using a 10000mAh power bank with a built-in micro USB wire that includes a slot containing a Lightning adapter. it’s the same size as my note in it’s S case so both will fit in a shirt pocket. Doesn’t look like mine is currently available at Amazon. Definitely not a monster, but good for a couple of charges for the phone and multiple bud charges.


I use an anker 26800 and a good battery pack is fantastic while camping. Also great when my children and grandchildren come visit. No more ripping apart my various USB and Apple setups because they forgot their chargers. Hand them a battery pack and some cables.


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