Small 4-Port USB Hub great for travel

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Has it got a metal case? I am generally pleased with Anker products that I own, but in my experience these little USB 3.0 hubs get so hot they won’t survive heavy use unless the chips are heatsinked to a metal casing.

USB 3.0 ports on a laptop deliver juice at something like 1 amp, if I remember correctly. If you plug this item into one of those 3.0 USB ports, you are dividing that juice by 4 ports. In other words, it won’t change anything quickly and items that require higher amperage possibly won’t charge at all.

When I travel, I usually carry a powered USB hub. They aren’t much bigger than the Anker unit highlighted in this article and they ave the added bonus of allowing most of your electronics to charge at the manufacturers recommended amperage.

I have this one from Anker.

Is that one a powered hub or merely a charger?

Can I use the devices over USB while they are charging?

The one I linked is merely a charger. If you are just looking for connectivity to a laptop, an unpowered hub is fine.

I guess I projected my need onto the audience here a bit. When traveling, I never need to plug more than one item in to my laptop at a time. For me, I mostly need a good solution that allows me to charge my (and my gf’s) devices while on the road without having to lug around a bag full of wall warts.

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