7-port USB hub with plenty of power

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I have four USB powered external hard drives, which I keep plugged into my iMac all the time.

Listen to your heart of hearts and switch to a tower-based computer.


I love externally powered USB hubs. Beyond proving the power to run things like USB interfaced disk drives, USB monitors and even those cup warmers suddenly work like they should :slight_smile:


Have owned two of these for five or so years. Like all usb hubs they go bad after a few years but they are good about replacing them (not so good about honoring the money back guarantee).

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25W? That’s only 5A. Good luck charging more than 2 iPads off of that!


only 2 ports provide high power? and only one of those ports at a time? i’m not sure but i THINK that said high power ports do NOT provide data at the same time? nah. do this instead:


Holy crap, now that’s a monster USB hub. Just look at that power brick.


All these will be obsoleted in a week, when Apple pushes USB-C on the stage and other vendors line up to follow suit. In two months, you’ll pick them up at half the price.

(INB4hate: Yes, I know USB-A will stick around for a very long time, but the future is elsewhere.)

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@frauenfelder, not sure if you are looking for review feedback, but just in case you are, when looking for usb hubs some things I like to know are:

  1. can the hub maintain usb 3.0 connections even when a usb 2.0 or 1.1 device is plugged in?
    (some hubs downgrade all the other connections or a portion of the connections)
  2. does the power to the other ports drop when a device is plugged in for charging?
    (some powered hubs provide consistent separate power channels some don’t)
  3. is it quick charge compatible?
  4. does it work as a non-powered hub when the power isn’t connected to it, or is it a brick unless powered?
    (some do, some don’t)
  5. can it provide higher amp charging at the same time as data?
    (some seem to be able to and some don’t)
  6. what the total weight is?
  7. are the ports spaced properly to plug most usb thingies (technical term) in side by side without port blocking each other.
  8. AND most importantly, are the blue LEDs a reasonable brightness, or can you see them from space bright? half my usb shit has black electrical tape over those damn bright as the sun blue leds.

those types of details are super helpful for me. THANKS!
I always appreciate your posts. :slight_smile:

(edit: oh and thanks for including the cord lengths! that’s a great detail most miss.)


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