Get This 4-Port USB 3.0 Hub For 35% Off

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That would make me so much more productive. I have been wondering why my productivity is not reaching the heights it should, and now I realise it’s because I don’t have one of them. I want to buy it, but can I handle the increase in productivity???


For just 18 dollars in probably usd, but wait there’s more…!


With any luck, the distraction of your enjoyment of the durable shell will offset your increase in productivity. My productivity is only at the heights it already is because the shells of my peripherals are too ephemeral for me to spend precious time enjoying them.


Is this hub separately powered by a transformer, or is it powered by USB? It’s getting harder to get powered hubs these days, and my legacy machine (USB1) is in need of a new one.

It totally get you, it’s all that stroking them and rubbing them against your skin, right? … mmmmmm tactile peripheral casings…

All my USB hubs/chargers/whatever come from the pound shop, but I’m lazy as fuck. Productivity can go take a hike.


Interesting that the ad spends so much effort highlighting features that are of no real concern, yet fails to mention the one thing that makes it relatively special - the per-port power switches.


No. If you have to ask then the answer is “no”.

It’s the “Audiophile Rule”.

Nope, it’s powered by whatever USB 3 port you’ve plugged it into. To bad it doesn’t even have that as an option.

Wow, it supports hot swapping?! Talk about a killer feature that will revolutionize our use of USB devices.


Yeah, too bad. Count me out then, I’ll get something powered and with several more ports.

Anyone whose definition of ‘enjoy’ requires NEMA 662 and possibly hardened steel washdown shields has my respect. Not respect I’d want to go looking for with an fMRI, but you know, in there.

See, if they do the ~100W charging standard for USB3.1 (x4) for 23 bucks shipped, it’s gonna get a special place that doesn’t collect underwear (well, the non-firefighting underwear.)


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