Good discount on this power strip with 3 AC Outlets and 3 USB Charging Ports

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my favorite power bars to date are the stanley pro series pro8 pro9 pro12 etc they are very basic with no usb but have more than ample spacing between the outlets in one long strip that that makes it easier to not clump all your cords together.

It has three USB charge ports, but can deliver only a total of 3 amps to them. That’s not enough to charge two iPads at full speed (each needs 2.4 amps). Not what I expect of a device that has access to mains power.

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HIGH EFFICIENCY: The charging speed of the 3 smart USB ports can be up to 2.4A, total output: 3A. They will also auto-detect your devices and seek to maximize the fastest possible charge speed

So 3 USB ports but if you want to charge 3 high draw (10W) devices at the same time you’re out of luck. Power budgeting on multi-port USB chargers is super important and so often overlooked.

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Ugh. The last time I bought a powerstrip, I ended up tabulating the power requirements of each thing (It was for my stereo)

Does it need a adapter? Does the adapter need special spacing? Can I power this off a USB port? Would it be more cost effective to go with this, or this?

If you’re not buying Anker, you‘re doing it wrong.


$13.99 - 10% discount.

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You really only need to calculate power reqs of the USB stuff if you’re using a USB strip like this. For 120V stuff you’re highly unlikely to have any problems if it all works on a single circuit already. I actually prefer power strips that have no protective features etc to them. Those features usually work once and then are useless and provide no feedback that they are now failed. The spacing thing though, oh yes. That’s where things like the power squid come in real handy.


Isn’t the coupon what protects against overcharging?


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