Surge protector has 3 AC outlets and 4 USB outlets for $12

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Too bad they didn’t do the obvious thing of moving the on/off switches to the side, allowing more space between the outlets to accommodate transformer blocks. Also, it shares the 5 amps between all 4 USB outlets, so if you have 4 things plugged in, you’re only getting 1.25 amps of charging power.

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I hope you’ve done a BigClive on it before using it.

i love the design, but i don’t understand plugging a device for charging into a 2.4A usb port. Not only is that not quick charge capable, that isn’t enough power to charge many devices.

for comparison the new apple usb-c bricks are 30A with full power negotiation.

Good. Good. Large enough to cram my malware ridden micro controller in and infect all the phones as they plug in.

Humanity should be glad that usb connectors don’t fit in AC outlets.


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