Wall mount adapter with 3 A/C outlets and 2 USB charging ports

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Oh, Pareidolia, my old friend! Why are those tiny faces looking so shocked?


You’d think a company making an outlet box in the USB Era would space the electrical outlets appropriately for the Transistor Era.

Is it a retro thing?

Since when is there a / in AC?

Yeah. The sockets should be set a bit farther apart, and maybe even in a kind of semi-circle, so that the wall warts plugged into this don’t knock into each other.


I recently asked Google for a duplex electrical outlet. All the top search results were for outlets with built-in USB jacks, to be installed in the wall instead of your regular outlet.

I guess that’s going to be a thing from here on out.

Or even at right angles to one another.

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I recently swapped out a few of my kitchen counter outlets with these. I most like how it has both a low and high amp USB port for faster tablet charging. $20 at Home Despot.


So how much power does this waste when nothing is plugged in?

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You would look shocked too if you had 115V AC plugged into your posterior.

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Attach a raspi or other computer, with a screen and/or voice control, to one of the USB ports to act as a smart terminal for the home network. Voila, no power wasting as something is always plugged in. Problem solved.

As a product, it has some failings.
Why is it so darn big?
Why does it cover the other outlet, not letting you use it?

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